Urban League of Louisiana Celebrates Exemplary Work to Advance Health Equity in Louisiana

December 29, 2022

During the Urban League of Louisiana’s 2022 Annual Meeting and Celebration, Yvens Laborde, MD, Ochsner's medical director for global health education and public health, was honored for his leadership in health equity.

For 84 years, the Urban League of Louisiana has advocated for communities seeking equity throughout the state. Each year, the annual meeting and celebration is an opportunity for them to highlight their collective impact and to recognize key partners who help fuel their work.

Dr. Laborde played a role in planning and organizing the Big Health Event, held on Sept. 17, where Ochsner partnered with the Urban League of Louisiana to bring free healthcare screenings to the community. During the event, one of the screenings Dr. Laborde helped arrange resulted in a woman who had issues with access to healthcare getting a mammogram. Because of the screening, she caught cancer early in the diagnosis, and she now has a good chance of successfully fighting it and surviving.

Thank you, Urban League of Louisiana, for recognizing Dr. Laborde's commitment to our community and health equity.

Dr. Laborde is pictured with Sunni LeBeouf, assistant vice president of community and public affairs at Ochsner; Jade Brown-Russell, board chair at Urban League of Louisiana; Judy Morse, president and CEO at Urban League of Louisiana; and Cathy Washington, executive vice president at Urban League of Louisiana.


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